Withdrawal & Refund Policy

This Withdrawal and Refund Policy (the “Policy”) sets out Morfin Fx LLC withdrawal policy for its clients. We have established the policies and procedures below to help ensure that all client’s requests are processed efficiently.

This Withdrawal and Refund Policy forms is part of the Client Agreement. Any capitalized term not defined in this Withdrawal and Refund Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Client Agreement.

The Company may amend this Withdrawal and Refund Policy and it shall apply to you once it is published on our Website. Please ensure to check our Website regularly.

1   Withdrawal Procedure

  • All withdrawal requests can be submitted online, through the Client Portal accessible from the Website (morfinfx.com), or through email from the Client’s email registered and verified by the Company.
  • If the Client decides to submit the refund request through email, he shall send an email to the following Company’s email: [email protected]].
  • The Client must ensure that the following information are captured in the request in a comprehensive and accurate manner:
  • Name of the beneficiary of the accountholder. The name of the beneficiary must match with the Client Account as recognized by the
  • Details about the method of withdrawal, including full bank account details or credit card details. The Company will only execute a refund request to the same source the Company received the deposits from; and
  • Any supporting documents that the Client thinks that it is necessary in order to execute the refund
  • In order to reduce the possibility of a Margin Call, the Client must ensure at the time the request is made and until the request is executed by the Company:
  • that there is a sufficient margin available in the Client Account; and
  • that the withdrawal amount doesn’t exceed the Client Account’s available
  • The Company shall review the Client Account, its history and all supporting documents before processing or executing any refund
  • The Company has the right in its absolute discretion to request for as much information or documents as it sees fit in order to mitigate any risk arising from processing or executing the refund request
  • If the Client provides information that is not accurate nor comprehensive, or if the Client does not provide further information or documents within a reasonable time as requested by the Company, the Company shall have the right without prior notification to cancel the refund request or put it on-hold, pending provision by the Client of further information or documents in order to proceed and execute the refund
  • In case the Company cancels the request, the Client can re-submit a new refund request to the Company.
  • The Company will process refund request in line with the Client The Company cannot accept refund requests that are not in line with the Client Agreement including instances where the beneficiary is a third party or in instances where the beneficiary account is anonymous.

2   Processing Timeframe

2.1   Provided that the refund request is accurate, comprehensive, contains all supportive documents and the Company is satisfied, the Company shall process the refund request within five (5) Business Days from the date the Company is satisfied with the refund request.

3   Initial Deposits Processed by Debit/Credit Card

  • If the Client deposited the Client Account using a debit or credit card, the Company will refund all amounts deposited originally to the same
  • If the Client made a profit on his investment, the Company may accept processing such profit through wire
  • In case of credit cards, if the issuer of the credit card sets time limits for accepting refunds and the timeframe already expired, the Company may accept processing the refund through wire transfer, provided all supportive documents are provided to the Company and are satisfactory to the

4   Dispute

4.1 Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Withdrawal and Refund Policy shall be initiated by the Client and dealt with by the Company in accordance with the Company’s Complaint Handling Procedures, available on our Website.